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Stefano Bonaldo Addestratore di Cani

in the photo: Stefano Bonaldo – Teacher Training Coordinator

For Education Classes we mean ,that educational path for the dog-man binomial ,where the final goal is the acquisition of all those skills necessary to live an every day life with serenety, at home and outside , in the urban environment.

By Training Courses, on the other hand, we mean courses where the dog-dog handler binomial aims to train , improve , perform and practise exercises in order to partecipate in dog sports competitions like obedience, agility, dog dancing, frisbee dog , search and rescue dog, utility , herding dogs ,etc.. .

“Should I take a dog education class?”   Yes, and here is why :

By attending  our Personalized  One-on-One Training Course with your Dog, you will learn to BOND and to establish an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION , this is essential to initiate a coexistence in mutual respect , trust and understanding.

You will become a real leader, an example to follow, a reference in every situation.

Furthermore, YOU WILL LEARN HOW DOGS COMMUNICATE while approaching others or in everyday situations.

YOU WILL ACQUIRE THE SKILLS TO SET THE BASIC COMMANDS: yes, no, sit, down, stay, recall, conduct – are the basic commands to  educate and train your four-legged friend.

YOU WILL UNDERSTAND HOW TO CORRECT PROBLEMS: “he is peeing in the house”, “when he is alone he destroys everything”, “he always barks” … these are some of the most frequent problems, which are faced and solved by attending one of our Personalized Training courses.

YOU WILL ACQUIRE MANUALITY AND COMPETENCE: understanding how to use the leash; how to handle legs, mouth, ears,paws …; understanding how to move correctly while respecting proxemics and learning to play with him in the correct way.

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