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About us

Cynophil search&rescue formative courses

✅ Cynophil search&rescue formative courses

Social Projects

✅ Social Projects

Testing Events

✅ Testing Events

Cinotechnical Training  Courses

✅ Cinotechnical Training Courses

Who we are

We are a group of specialists

  • We believe in personal and professional development and growth in the search and rescue dog work field.
  • We are interested in spreading the Cinophil Culture at 360 degrees.
  • We are directly involved in social assistance and Civil Protection missions.

DiscoveryDogs is the result of the efforts of many  Volunteers and cinophilia passionates.

Our Activities are Coordinated by Stefano Bonaldo – Head of Search and Rescue Dog Departement ➡️ CURRICULUM STEFANO BONALDO 

Want to learn more about DiscoveryDogs? ➡️ Watch this video on our Youtube Channel!