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“DiscoveryDogs” Rescue Dog Training

DiscoveryDogs is an O.d.V. of the Veneto Region for the Search and Rescue Dogs Training ; it is a non-profit-making and exclusively targets  purposes of Social Solidarity in the context of Civil Protection and Rescue.
For this reason, our Rescue Dog Units intervene in provincial, regional and national emergency activities where the use of trained personnel is foreseen, Rescue Dog Units for the Search of Missing Persons and in case of disaster for the search of any survivors.
In addition, our organization also operates within the U.C.I.S. (Italian Rescue Dog Unit), collaborates with the competent authorities and law enforcement agencies in micro and macro emergencies.

Our canine training facility school offers personalized dog training Courses&Lessons

Our canine School also offers programmed preparation courses throughout the Regional territory, Training Courses and Dog Education for Puppies and  Adult Dogs.
Since 2014 we have started “The Dog – A Good Citizen” Project, an outdoor/walking training, socializing program for dogs and dog owners who want to establish a peaceful relationship with their dog and at the same time enjoy the advantages of leading a friendly and polite dog , socially reliable and without behavior problems.
DiscoveryDogs also conducts, through its volunteers and dog operators, Assisted Interventions with the help of dogs and educational pathways for Pet Therapy.
The study and training in the canine field , veterinary , applied psychology and canine communication, are just some of the issues that the DiscoveryDogs  School explores through continuous educational and formative programme proposals.
The study and the continiuous research of the canine cognition and proprioception , Applied Psychology and Canine Communication, behavioral recovery and re-education and integration into the family are just some of the issues that the DiscoveryDogs School explores through consistent structure of educational and formative programmes.
In the “stages and seminars” section you can consult every week the training proposals that we organize for our volunteers and for all cynophilist interested in studying along us.

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